Dear Crossing Paths,

Do you really know how you and your work touch peoples lives?  Our family is forever changed because of you and your generous volunteers that work so hard in Alabama.  Faith, our thirteen year old daughter, feels incredibly grateful to have Bingo in her life -- so much so that she requested money this year to donate to your organization in lieu of birthday gifts.  She and her friend Katie also made two dog beds and two leashes for Crossing Paths Animal Rescue.  

But what I am so excited about is the following story which was completely dreamt up and made into reality by these two amazing girls themselves..............

A plea for donations to Crossing Paths Animal Rescue, illustrated and written by Faith and Katie, was hand delivered to our neighbors.

A week later, January 13th 2016, Faith and Katie, in the frigid 25 degree weather, returned to each of the neighbors houses to pick up the donations.  It was so exciting and they had no idea what to expect (and were about to be completely surprised)!

They carefully loaded the donations into the wagon......and continued ​on from house-to-house.

Each donor received a thank you with a note (a drawing of Bingo and Faith -- illustrated and written by the children) stating that they would receive a follow up report which would include an inventory of donations that were received.

After all our neighbors were visited and their wagon was full, Katie and Faith enthusiastically headed home.

It was so exciting to unload and organize all of the generous donations (it was also nice to feel warm again)!

Items were sorted in preparation for inventory.

Bingo faithfully stood guard of the toy (collar and leash) pile!​

Faith, Bingo and Katie and the donations.  This was all such an empowering experience for these amazing girls!  

Such a wonderful cause -- and our Crossing Paths rescue dog, Bingo, enthusiastically agrees!
Thank you Crossing Paths for giving us the opportunity to:

All right here in Pennsylvania!

We highly encourage any family who's lives have been touched by Crossing Paths Animal Rescue to consider volunteering for this hard working organization -- especially those families with children, as this brings so much empowerment into their lives.  Through this campaign, our girls have learned how they can make a difference - they realize how valuable they are in this world.  What an amazing gift to them!  

Gratefully yours,

Katrina, Faith, Katie, and Bingo


​​​Crossing Paths Animal Rescue

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