​​​Crossing Paths Animal Rescue

Dog of the Month: Lucy 

Lucy is an 8-year-old Greyhound mix, and she is also a tripod.  She has only three legs, but you’d never know it.  She’s just like other dogs.  Lucy was adopted by a veteran two years ago, and we were thrilled.  Now, however, her adopter is close to being homeless.  He had two strokes after he adopted Lucy, and now he has lost his job.  He wrote to us for help in finding her a new home.  “You have no idea how much this is killing me because I want the very best for Lucy, but what’s best for her is to not be with me.”  This man, this veteran, is every part a selfless protector, hoping for someone we “absolutely trust who would consider adopting Lucy.”

Lucy came into rescue with internal and external scars.  She is a very loving girl and is protective of her surroundings as well as her friends.  She adores people but may need to get to know you!  She has problems with other dogs in that she fears them, and that fear can turn into aggression.  So it can be difficult to walk her at times.  It seems that she doesn’t know the difference between play and aggressive behavior in another dog. We believe that other dogs attacked her in her early life.  Lucy is a lot like all of us, packages of our early selves.  

The ideal adopter for Lucy would be someone who knows dogs, loves dogs, and realizes that work will need to be done with Lucy…gentle work, loving work, but work just the same.  The home should not have children or other pets.  If you are planning children or want other pets in the future, please do not apply to adopt her.  She is a good girl who needs an owner dedicated to her, the tripod who was adopted by the veteran.  (posted 1/26/19, VS)

**It is rare that we know with certainty the ages or mixes that make up our wonderful dogs, but we do our best to be as accurate as possible based upon our many years in rescue.**

As Celebrate Home Dogs, the total fee, which includes adoption and transport, is only $200.00.  This isn't because the dog is worth less.  It's because they're worth more.  We want dogs like these in your home as quickly as possible.  They have been waiting too long, and they need their own beds (or yours) in their own home. More importantly, they need your love.…