Teddy is blending into our little family nicely. Getting a crate did wonders! (Apparently he was crate trained already because he went right in!) He hasn't had any accidents since the last time I emailed and loves the trainer (mostly because she has a pocket full of treat
Thanks for everything. I'm attaching a photo with his new "girlfriend" so you can see how big he's gotten in just a few weeks!
~Elena (7/30/15)


Sandy & Patricia: 

It's hard to believe that a year has passed since Miss Izzy Belle joined our family.  That courageous little puppy, who  traveled more than 22-hours from Alabama  is now  85 pounds of part Southern Belle charm and part Jersey Girl sass.  Izzy loves running in  snow  during the Winter and  prefers air conditioning to playing outside during Summer.   She loves toys that squeak, tug-a-ropes and Wubba Kongs.  She adores  belly rubs and ear massages. She jumps and leaps with pure joy.    She dislikes  that I leave her for work each morning, and is overjoyed when I return at night   She follows Mom around the house during the day, while her youthful exuberance engages Mariska into play.   A shared snack, whether a nibble of fresh fruit or vegetable, a cube of cheese, or a bite of sandwich makes Izzy very happy!   And, a dropped napkin is nirvana because she loves to shred paper. 

As I reflect back on my  adoption efforts in-state, following the loss of Miss Mischa, I  realize that my frustration was a necessary process.  This little Belle has taught me the importance of trust and  that love at first sight isn't just a cliche: I fell in love with Izzy the instant I saw her on Crossing Path's website and she fell in love with me the moment she was placed in my arms.  Thank you both for bringing this amazing, courageous, loving canine into our lives!       

Jo-Bea (7/30/15

Hi Everyone:
We wanted to send you an update on our wonderful rescue dog BELLA (prev. known as Anne Oakley). She has settled into our home after we picked her up in PA last week, has learned to go up & down the steps in our house, walk (fairly nicely) on her leash, jumps up and sleeps on the bed, & is on her way to being housebroken (with lots of treats as rewards).
I have attached a certificate from our vet (Dr. Mamas of Bayonne Veterinary Medical Assoc.) confirming Bella's examination there on 7/25/15. She was given heartworm & flea/tick medicines which she is getting regularly. I thought you might want this to close out your records on her.
Finally, attached are a few pictures of Bella, showing her getting comfy in her new home & with her 8 year old best friend (Adam) - Enjoy!
Thanks again for all that you do for these dogs & helping families welcome our new additions!
Michelle, Quincy, Matan (16 yrs), & Adam (8 yrs)  (7/27/15)

I managed to trick Miss Camera Shy, and got a picture of her!!! Hello from us and hope you are well!! 
Constance and Dawn (7/24)

I love Holiday Inn.  My new mommy said I could have breakfast in bed tomorrow morning before we finish our ride home to Pennsylvania 

Debi Vandall  (7/21/15)


Hello Mary Ellen,
About 11 weeks ago we adopted Opie from the Crossing Paths Animal Rescue.  I promise Patricia that I would keep in touch with you and let you know how Opie is doing.
We actually changed his name to Ranger.  He is doing very well in our home. The first week or two were very difficult but he has adjusted real well.  He gets two long walks almost everyday, which he loves. He enjoys socializing with the other dogs in our neighborhood and playing frisbee in our back yard.  We frequently go camping and take Ranger and our other black lab with us. He loves to go camping and to take rides in our golf cart around the campground.
He has come a long way in the past 11 weeks and is very happy. We are
happy we are able to give Ranger lots of love and a great home.
Here are a few of my favorite pictures.
Patti Neipp 7/21/15)


Hi Patricia!  We adopted a puppy from your rescue in March.  She was formerly known as Cheyenne, but now eagerly answers to "Lucy". I just wanted to send you pictures as she is truly one of the cutest puppies you would ever want to meet (of course we are a little biased   She now weighs almost 13 pounds, has lost her baby teeth (and LOVES to have her teeth brushed!!). We are totally smitten with her and I do believe she is with us as well.  She passed her basic obedience class with flying colours and is now a certified AKC STAR puppy!  She has several puppy playmates who live close by and has frequent play dates.  We are so thrilled to have her join our family and so appreciate your trust in us to provide her with a loving home!  
The first pictures are of Lucy after her first puppy "spa" day.  She was pretty darn impressed with herself after her visit and we agree that she is absolutely beautiful!
Thanks again for connecting us with Lucy and for all the awesome work you do with such a special group of animals!
Theresa Krainz and Eric Simmons
Williston, Vermont  (7/21/15)

Joci is such a sweat heart! She has been so awesome and seems to be adjusting to her new family and home very well. Most of today was spent exploring the yard and then the house, as well as getting to know her older (dog) brother, Jackson. They are getting along great.
She then took a nap in the afternoon while the boys in the family watched sports (see picture). And then was back up for some more exploring and playtime. She ate her dinner and did her business outside. You’d think she’s lived here for years.
We’re now all heading off to bed. She’s quiet in her crate next to our bed now with Jackson close by on his dog bed.
Thank you both for all you do for these dogs. Your hard work and dedication has brought so much joy to my family.
We love our new puppy!
Julie (7/18/15)

Vickie, this is Pam Lucchese. I have had Rylee for almost three weeks now. I just thought I would drop you a line and let you know we are doing wonderful. About a week after I got her she managed to get out the door and ran away. I chased her but she kept running. (Little devil) To make a long story short a man in a truck saw my frustration and went after her. He found her with a bunch of kids laying on her back getting her tummy rubbed. He brought her to me and drove us home. She was almost a mile away. But since then she seems to have accepted that we love her and this is her home. We now can leave the doggie door open to the fenced back yard, knowing she will not try to escape. Of course when we go for leashed walks she wants to go everywhere at 100 miles an hour. She is getting better at that too. She has put on 2 pounds. And today she went to a groomer to have some hair removed. It is hot and muggy up here at times and the heat seemed to be hard on her. I have enclosed a few pictures. We left the crown of hair on top of her head and her beautiful poof of brown hair on her tail. Then we went to my work to meet a few special people I work with who loves dogs. I told them of your organization and they agree you all do great work. When we got home she was exhausted but happy as can be. 
 Again, thanks. She is truly a special and very loving pup. Take care and keep up the good work. 
Pam (7/15/15)

 Photos of Eben growing up 

He is now a national registered service animal and we take him everywhere we go. He detects seizures heart arrhythmias and onset of strokes. He is an amazing person. We have never treated him any other way. So thank you for bringing so much love into our lives. Btw he weighs 90lbs. He's a big boy but still sleeps with him momma 
Melissa (7/15/15)


Enjoying a day in the park!!  

Nata (7/11/15)
Here's Chet, we renamed him after a dog character in the books I've been reading, Chet and Bernie novels.... I think he's settled in just fine!  :)  He is such a good dog, very lovable, calm and playful at the same time.  We couldn't be happier!!  Thank you so much!   I'll keep a look out at your sight for my next rescue, I'm looking for a Samoyed mix puppy or younger dog.   If you come across any, please keep me in mind. 
Best to you and the work that you do!
Chris Beaulieu  (7/8)

Hi!   I wanted to send you some summer pics of our Cooper. He turned one in April and continues to be an absolute delight to all of our family and friends,especially Dean n I ,of course! He learned our Invisible Fence system quickly and now LOVES being outdoors, racing around the house and through the patio, chasing ants,bugs and bees in the flowering bushes( remarkably hasn't gotten stung-YET!),playing with and collecting/herding all his toys,digging up our gardens :( and sometimes just basking on the porch watching the neighborhood
activities. And he is a passionate snuggler,which I love ( even when he showers me with kisses and nudges too early in the morning!  We are so grateful we found your Rescue and through you our wonderful pup!  Feel free to post any or all of this on your site and again ,thank Cooper's foster family for taking care of him until he could come forever home to us. 
Our son would love to adopt too and really has his heart set on a boxer. I realize you probably don't come across them very often,but if you do please let us know. Thanks again!     
Deb n Dean Stover  (7/7/15)

I just wanted to send an update for you on Claiborne. We have now named her Marley and we love her soo much. She has been so great for her new brother who can be an old man. She energizes him! Here are some pictures for you. Thanks again :)
Vanessa Saathoff  (7/7/15)

We love our new fur baby. She has lots of toys and two new crates. We played ALL day yesterday and check her out sleeping in my lap.
Thank you for all you do.
Please share these pics with her foster parent.
Scott and Gwen
Gardner (7/4/15)

Hello ladies, 
Muffler has been with us about a month now, and he has done wonderfully becoming acclimated.  There have been a few setbacks--worms and a bacterial infection--but the doctor treated and told us it is completely normal in puppies who eat everything they're not supposed to eat :) We are seeing more of his personality every day, and this excites us. I hope you don't mind, but we changed his name to Leo. He looks like a little leo to us! Attached are some pictures from his first month. He has been lucky enough to do more than most in such a short period of time.  Thank you for giving us the opportunity to enhance our happiness with this perfect little guy.
PS: He just lost his first tooth while I was sitting here writing this email :)
Carolyn and Tom O'Neill  (7/4/15)

Hello All -
I just want to send everyone a note to thank you so very much for our baby Augustus!! He is such a good boy and has learned so fast, he conquered the stairs, come, sit, stay and is 100% potty trained! He is such a smart boy, we love him very much. I wanted to send you some pictures and even a short video below of Gus so you can see how big he has gotten already!
Thank you all for everything you do for
these dogs, we are grateful you have brought Gus into our lives!!
Jackie  (7/2)

We wanted to share all the happiness our Ladybug gives to us. One year ago today we picked her up from her long travel at Petsmart in
Newtown. She is the perfect dog for our family and we can't imagine life without her. She has grown leaps and bounds and is such a smart and intuitive girl.

Thank you again for bringing her to us .
The Kiriloffs (6/28)

Pretty Boy........he's a bit conceited, but who can blame him? Haha!
Dennis (6/25)


Roo had seen the vet last week, she passed with flying colors and we have her on a bit of a weight gain plan so that her belly catches up to the speed of her growth which has been incredible in the first 2 weeks – and in a good way! Roo has also had her first grooming appointment which included a simple bath, nails and teeth cleaning to introduce her to the process - all went well as Shiloh mothered her through the process and our groomer enjoyed the day with both babies as it was nice for her to see that Roo is exactly what Shiloh needed and Roo has found a true, playful, protective and loving buddy in Shiloh.
Not much has changed as you can tell from the pictures; Roo still loves comfort, toys and a good nap from time to time and is a very very inquisitive observer. Roo will “Come” and immediately “Sit” in front of you on command and will also “Sit” on command without more than 1-2 simple instructions and a small training treat of course. Roo seems to follow the lead of Shiloh in training and it seems to accelerate Roo’s learning abilities. She is one very special and amazing puppy – we have had no issues with potty training, no issues with chewing and it only takes one simple cautionary tone to stop her from unwanted or dangerous activities and she walks await not wanting to disappoint – she is something pretty special for sure.
We are still very much interested in purchasing Crossing Path t-shirts if you can share information on how we can obtain them, we would be happy buyers and advertisers in support of your incredible endeavors to saving lives. Also, we still have donation support questions to determine if automatic bank transfer is available to ensure monthly contributions to support your organization.
Lastly, we routinely go through bedding, towels and linens and currently have a large contractor bag full of items ready to ship, a brand new queen sized and 6” thick memory foam bed topper, and all in addition to a puppy play pen for which I have attached a photo of a like-product to the one I currently have. Prior to shipping, we would make every effort to rally neighborhood support to contribute by simply cleaning out a closet or bedroom to offer one towel or blanket – more is better in this case! J  How can we direct shipments to Alabama facilities to save your organization admin time and costs?
Thank you again for the wonderful blessing we have found in Roo!!! Thank you for saving her – for us…
Very Respectfully,
Rose Domboroczky (6/19)

Hi Vickie,
I am the daughter of Rose Atkinson, the woman who adopted the chihuahua/dachshund mix in April. She's since changed his name to Charlie-Tucker, which gets shorted to "Charlie" more times than not.
I don't know what my mom told you about why we were adopting a dog, but back in March, we lost our dog of nearly 12 years. That dog was like a son to my mom, and it devastated her to lose him so suddenly. She was not dealing with it well.
That is, until Charlie came into our life. He is the sweetest dog I've ever met in my entire life. I swear he runs on love and happiness. He brings joy wherever we take him. People compliment him left and right.
I was away at school when our previous dog passed; I never got to say goodbye or see him one last time. It still haunts me. But my mom and I are both in agreement that our previous dog's life did not just fade away. Instead, we are now able to give Charlie a second chance at life. Through this, we also like to think of it as our previous dog's life being extended.
Charlie doesn't understand when I cuddle him and thank him for being the best dog we could ask for, not on the level I need him to. So I want to thank you for what you do to save these animal's lives. I can't imagine our lives without Charlie, just like we can't imagine who would be able to part with a sweet creature like him. We talk about how lucky we are to have him nearly every day.
I've attached some photos of him enjoying his new home. We're taking him to training classes and in the long term, we hope his gentle demeanor and innate love of people will maybe turn into him becoming a therapy dog.
I wish there were more ways to say thank you to you, because I'd say them all.
Best regards, 
Kaitlyn  (6/19)

:) Bennie with his brother. 
Nata (6/19)

Greetings from Delaware! Sending a quick update on Hera...
It has been 2 months since Hera has joined our family and I love her more and more every day!
She just had a vet visit for her Lyme and flu vaccines. She weighed in
at a whopping 49 lbs which is a gain of 17 lbs in the past 2 months and her 3rd molars are about halfway in.
Hera is getting to be such a big girl and she loves to run and run and run...thankfully, I have a 5 yr old that has enough energy to also run and run and run! Haha. 
She is still so good about everything...she tolerates kids all over her, takes baths like a good girl, doesn't budge while getting her nails clipped, takes treats ever so gently, is extremely obedient,and plays VERY well with other animals. Yesterday she did learn that toads are not for licking!
I always keep her on a harness and leash whenever we are away from home although she does very well at listening to commands like stay/come and usually does not leave my side. As per my last
update, she learns very quickly...in addition to sit/paw/stay/lay...she is now learning to crawl and wipe her paws before coming back in the house. Yes, I said 'wipe her paws'! LOL. Right now she looks like she is prancing, but she'll learn eventually. Her potential seems to be endless!
Hope you are doing well! 
Take Care.
Kristie :)  (6/19)

Hi Sandy, Patricia and Pat Kelly 
It's a month since we got Hazel! We didn't change her name, we thought her name is just right for her because of her eyes. Our family loves her very much, she is such a good puppy and brings us a lot of joy!
Thank you for letting us adopt her!!! She is growing so fast, she was almost 7lb when we got her and now she is 11lb! She got her last distemper shot 2 weeks ago and second Lyme disease shot today, she took it like it was nothing! We signed her up to puppy class and it going to start the end of this month! Our family is very excited to go with her together! 
Kaylee (6/17/15)

Hawk and Harlee are growing daily some new pics just over 5 months and 10 days.  I play them the video Mary Ellen sent us and when they here her voice they get so excited and come to the iPad to investigate.
 Lori (6/10/15)

We adopted our Lester from Mary Ellen Tidwell in Alabama five years ago come August.  He is our world and I can’t imagine life without him.  He was found by Mary Ellen in March of 2010 in front of a hamburger place.  He was being stoned with large rocks, was bleeding and injured, heartworm positive and, as I later found out, at one point was shot at with a BB pistol.   He is the perfect dog, a beautiful soul and I thank God every day that Mary Ellen saved his life and cannot understand why people are so cruel.  I attached a picture of him from this Memorial Day.  He jumped into my brother’s car as he was getting ready to leave.  He loves car rides and greeting people and other dogs and there is no one who does not love him.    There are no words to express the gratitude for what you and the others do day in and out for these beautiful creatures who otherwise would have no hope. 
Have a nice day,
Louise  (6/8/15)

These are 2 photos that I thought you might enjoy seeing. 
As you can see Deuce and Buster have become good buddies.  
Eileen Sadlik (6/1/15)

Hello Robin,
I thought you may like to know that Rocky has been renamed Dante (my friend's rottweiler Rocky recently passed away so I chose a new name - he is so smart that he took to it in a matter of days). He is doing well in his new home and is learning (maybe relearning) his basic commands very quickly. He is a ball of energy so we run for a mile and a half every day that I have to leave for work. He loves to keep watch for squirrels and birds from the window and on his leash. In the next week or so, I'll be putting in an invisible fence so he will be able to run on his own even more. We went to the vet last week for a checkup and he is so handsome that they put him on their facebook page. He met my parents' dogs and got along great so he will have plenty of chances to play with them. I'll never figure out how anyone could have left him behind! Until next time, thanks again for saving him.
Best Regards,
-Brock (5/31/15)      

​Mary Ellen, 
   We are writing to let you know that our newest family member, Sullivan (Jim), is doing wonderfully!  We had many concerns about how he and our other two dogs would adjust but can honestly say that they were living in harmony within minutes.  Sully is fantastic on walks, stays in his seat on car rides and wagged his tail throughout his vet appointment (where he got a clean bill of health and remains heart-worm free!).  Our vet agrees with the estimation that he is around five years old with plenty of life left in him. We have never met a more cuddly or affectionate animal and he is happiest in someone's lap.  He has become a fast friend with many neighbors and members of our family and has even gone as far as to beg strangers for belly rubs (his favorite)!  Thank you so very much for not only caring for this beautiful boy but for allowing us to become his forever family.  He has filled our hearts with more joy than we ever could have imagined and just two weeks into having him it is difficult to remember life without this little ball of sunshine.  Above are some pictures of Sully's first two weeks in Pennsylvania. 

If there is ever anything we can do for you or the rescue please let us know! 
Paula and Justin Bechaver (5/31/15)
Sully and Finley going on a car ride to the State Park (he insisted on sitting next to his brother). 

Sully taking full advantage of all the toys now at his disposal! 

This was his first night with us, talk about being comfortable! 

Sully with his new Mommy, sister, and brother. 

​The three amigos enjoying the porch swing. 

​Sully and his Daddy 
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Hanging out with my nephew. She loves him and follows him all around the house and yard.
Lynne Vellucci  (5/31/15)
Diamond Nation 

 Benelli probably thinks he hit the jackpot of homes. When he first came he didn't know really what to do in a house he was very anxious and couldn't settle, just paced. He barked the whole time in his crate and even chewed the tray at the bottom. I got him a different crate the enclosed kind and when he would be in there I would give him a marrow bone filled with frozen peanut butter if I had to leave, I did it slowly at first and increased the time I was away. My husband is home during the day so he really isn't crated that much but there are times he needs it and hes not the type that can be left loose as he likes to eat things mainly socks and he's given us a scare more than once. 
He will now run in his crate when he knows we are leaving because he knows hes going to get his treats. He sleeps in bed with us at night along with his brother Gauge and a few others lol!!! 
He just needed some time. Knowing about fostering and adopting I honestly think that he would have been returned because like you said a lot of people aren't willing to work to solve behavioral problems. 
I was turned away from a few rescues because of having 4 other dogs even with all my knowledge. I honestly believe I was meant to walk into Petsmart that day and I would like to thank you for allowing me to adopt Benelli. He was exactly what I was looking for to complete our family. 
Here are some more pics of him 
 Chuck (5/29/15)


Hi Mary Ellen & Patricia,
This is Maritza Hernandez- my family & I adopted Caesar from you this past March.....
Just reaching out to send you an
Caesar adjusted well to our family & home the minute he walked through  the door! He has been growing fast, loosing baby teeth & learning all sorts of new things! He certainly keeps us on his toes, but we are going for
training with Pet Smart so that we can get a handle on him.
We have all grown to love him very much & are so happy that we were able to adopt him. Here are a few pics of him.....we will keep you posted with progress & his growth in the
months to come...enjoy!!
Thank you again for choosing us!!!
Maritza Hernandez (5/27/15)

It's been too long since I contacted you regarding Schuyler.   She's doing great.  She loves the beach, but is still afraid of the ocean, which is fine with me.  She has come a long way in walking on a leash.   She does decided to just stop and lay down frequently, which has all the neighbors and others who see her do it laughing.   My one neighbor has said she is the poster dog for a happy dog.  So exuberant.   She sleeps next to my bed and climbs up around 5:15 in the morning letting me know it's time to play.   She now weighs 47 pounds, loves car rides and wants to play with everyone and all other dogs.   Do you ever hear from her brother's (Willard) family.   I would love to know how he is doing.  He was the one who caught my eye, but Schuyler has definitely captured my heart. 
Thanks for everything you did for her. 
Susan Eves. (5/26/15)

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