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News and Appreciation

JUNE 16, 2017

The PetFinder Foundation Provides Stimulation and Activity for Crossing Paths Rescues

Kong Toy Grant Award

Kong offers a wide range of health and wellness products for our rescues from chewers, teethers, barkers and diggers to those suffering separation anxiety, needing weight management solutions, or simply to overcome boredom - Kong’s product line epitomizes the faces of rescue – puppies, young adults, seniors and moms with litters, all requiring stimulation and often times, comfort from Kong toys for the rescues in our care.

As a small organization, wholly dependent upon the generosity of donations, we strive each day in hopes of making the days better and brighter for the rescues in our care, recognizing that all rescues have a need for positive stimulation, challenging play, or simple comfort. Our experiences have shown that Kong products are diverse and long-lasting, staples of any rescue pantry and The PetFinder Foundation grant has provided us the opportunity to complement our pantry of toys with quality, long-lasting products and many months of stimulation and healthiness for the rescues that cross our path, knowingly enriching their everyday lives by providing Kong toys until their forever homes come along – The PetFinder Foundation Kong Toy grant has come along to make a difference in their everyday through play and engagement, with the generosity to provide quality products proven to make their days better and brighter.

The PetFinder Foundation has proven once more their unwavering commitment to enrich the lives of adoptable dogs, both young and old and while they await forever homes – to keep them healthy and happy for when they arrive in the loving and caring arms of their new families! May all their stays be brief…


OCTOBER 30TH, 2017

Thanks 1-800-PetMeds for the donation of flea prevention for our adoptable pets! 

JUNE 26, 2017

The PetFinder Foundation through Susie’s Senior Grant Program Offers True Rescue of Two Beloved “Puppies” In the Prime of Their Lives

$400.00 – Adoption fees and transportation fees have been FULLY FUNDED by the Susie’s Senior Dog Grant Program, to a responsible adopter, together as one… as it was intended… Sasha and Raven

Raven and Sasha came into our rescue when their owner was placed into a nursing home situation, having to leave behind Raven and Sasha. Raven and Sasha came into rescue together, soulmates with a deep commitment to one another and given the strength of their bond, we are equally committed to ensure they live out the rest of their days together, in the care of a responsible, loving forever home – once promised by their owner who themselves have found that aging can create new life challenges and unfortunately, it is human life challenges that often impact the lives of our most treasured family members, our beloved Raven’s and Sasha’s.

We recognize the wonderful opportunity The PetFinder Foundation and through Susie’s Senior Dog Grant offers to be life-changing for two very special life partners at the prime of their lives – the loving years – the senior years. Without the PetFinder Foundation’s Susie’s Senior Dog Grant, Sasha’s and Raven’s opportunity to be adopted were limited – possibilities now exist to open a heart, open a home, for a sweet pair of best friends - sadly void of the forever they were once promised.

Time and time again the PetFinder Foundation’s positive impacts within the sheltering community, within the rescue community affirms to know no boundaries, no age limits, with a deep commitment to enhance the promotion of adoptable, healthy and loving dogs, all dogs - and today, our Sasha and Raven, our senior dogs.


JUNE 9, 2017

The PetFinder Foundation Delivers Comfort and Cooling for Crossing Paths Rescues

25 Elevated Beds and 25 Baby Pools

With average daily temperatures in Locust Fork, Alabama exceeding 88 degrees Fahrenheit from June through September of last year, The PetFinder Foundation has provided grant funding to offer comfort, security and cooling for our rescues while they await forever homes over the heated southern seasons – AND SO MUCH MORE!  To keep our rescues healthy and happy, we have found that elevated beds are among their favorites to allow cooling and a place to call their own with the occasional dip in their own personal “Canine Creek” – their plastic baby pools. The PetFinder Foundation grant offers the potential to bed and cool many rescues in our care over the long hot summer and beyond!

The generosity of The PetFinder Foundation’s grant leaves us all speechless… THANK YOU - from the rescues that will cross our path and directly benefit from your kindness, and for hearing those who have no voice - the many animals who find themselves in shelters and rescues and need more than a shelter or rescue can sometimes provide.

Our excitement to incorporate 25 elevated beds and 25 baby pools is beyond words!

Millie Mae (JUST ADOPTED TODAY 06-11-2017) and Jules (currently available for adoption) both recently rescued from an Alabama shelter on 05-16-2017 took right to the security and sanctuary of their elevated beds – until forever comes along. We CANNOT WAIT to provide comfort, security and cooling for more and more rescues in our care – THANK YOU PETFINDER FOUNDATION!

FEBRUARY 13TH , 2018
Thank You to Bissell and Lost Pet USA for considering Crossing Paths as grant recipients!