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Susie's Adoption Corner - To A Good Home

“To a Good Home” made possible by the generosity of The PetFinder Foundation and Susie’s Senior Dog Grant Program, together as one, Raven and Sasha are available to an approved adopter – adoption fees and transportation fess have been fully funded by the Susie’s Senior Dog Grant Program.




Raven and Sasha came into our rescue when their owner was placed into a nursing home situation, having to leave behind Raven and Sasha. Raven and Sasha came into rescue together, soulmates with a deep commitment to one another and given the strength of their bond, we are equally committed to ensure they live out the rest of their days together, in the care of a responsible, loving forever home – once promised by their owner who themselves have found that aging can create new life challenges and unfortunately, it is human life challenges that often impact the lives of our most treasured family members, our beloved Raven’s and Sasha’s.


Both Raven and Sasha are sweet, loving and gentle “puppies.” Raven, a Spitz/Pomeranian mix and Sasha, a Pomeranian, both have lovely, long coats; however, when they entered rescue, both coats were too badly matted and well-beyond detangling. Both Raven and Sasha required shaving to release the mats that had deeply embedded to their skin surfaces – they are both enjoying the freedom to stretch and are no longer limited by the restrictive movements, discomfort and pain caused by the severity of their matting.


Both Raven and Sasha are well-mannered, enjoy time walking, do well on a leash and get along nicely with other dogs. Quite simply, they are a wonderful pair of sweet dogs that need a home together – it is the only way our organization will process adoption – together, as one – for they have experienced enough heartache and displacement, underserved for such loyal, aged and true buddies.


We recognize the wonderful opportunity Susie’s Senior Dog Grant offers to be life-changing for two very special life partners at the prime of their lives – the loving years – the senior years. Please open you heart, please open your home…


If you are interested, please take the first step, a life-changing step, by submitting an application that can be found on our website www.xpar.org


Unable to adopt, please share with family, friends, within your social media networks – often it takes many to save, often it takes that one extra special extraordinary someone to make a life-changing difference – help us find that person as both Raven and Sasha together are worth every extra effort possible that can be made, by us, by you… Thank you…

               Raven                                    Best Buddies                                       Sasha